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 What do you see when you look at your network? You probably see a lot of switches, router’s maybe some firewalls & access Points and lots and lots of blinking lights... Bottom line is it can be really difficult to get a clear look at what’s going on in your network.  

See how COBO can help your business!

 With the Cobo early warning system in place you can see your whole network, regardless of device type or vendor in a single view! Quickly see which devices are all good, need a little help, or not good at all!

With COBO you are always just a click away from the everything you need to trouble shoot your network.

Things like real-time health stats, Alarms, device logs and even device access. Now you can manage your network clearly and affordably.   Take our guided tour today and see for yourself why networking professionals are calling Cobo, the solution they can’t believe they were living without! 

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Network Monitoring!




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