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Broadband Service Provider Operations Monitoring;60% of the time, it works every time…

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

In today’s fast-paced business world, Broadband Service Providers are the backbone of innovation, helping their customers operate more efficiently with transformative new services. Cloud technology has revolutionized the production network, reducing the burden on businesses and allowing for seamless operation. However, access to a fast and reliable network is essential for peak performance. This is where “last mile” and “middle mile” come in, offering critical services that keep businesses running smoothly.

With competitors constantly vying for customers with promises of higher speeds and lower prices, BSPs must remain vigilant and invest in automation and monitoring to keep their customers satisfied. But there is one piece of the puzzle that often goes overlooked: the LAN on the other side of the service demarcation. This critical ~500 feet from the front door to the back door of the business customer is often left to “Network Blindness”. This gap in service can hinder end customer’s business operations. The customer’s LAN can be very complicated with lots of device types such as firewalls, switches, routers, wireless APs, servers, power supplies, etc. Many business customers struggle with keeping their network operating.

Did you know that a staggering 40% of service trouble tickets are actually caused by issues inside the business customer’s LAN network? This can cause frustration for both the BSP and the customer, as the customer assumes the problem lies with the BSP and doubts their quality of service. This leads to finger pointing and a strained relationship.

Moving into the future, BSPs and customers will need to eliminate this Network Blindness and provide complete visibility into the customer’s network.

The David to this Goliath problem is Network Monitoring as a Service (NMaaS) – an innovative solution that helps BSPs identify and prevent potential service outages before they happen. By taking the burden off the customer’s plate and providing proactive monitoring and support, BSPs can strengthen their relationships with customers and build trust.

Don’t let Network Blindness damage your business relationships – invest in NMaaS today. Make you BSP operations monitoring, 100% of the time, work every time!


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