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Download the PDF

Paying per sensor is inefficient and costs a fortune! Most network devices have 10-100 sensors to monitor, and most networks have A LOT of devices --- Even smaller sized networks will need to purchase Lots, and lots of additional sensor licenses to adequately monitor their network.

Download this informative .pdf and get the knowledge you need to keep your network safe and your budget intact!

Don't Sacrifice...
Monitor the Whole Device!

See how COBO saves you time and money!

In this quick 3 minute video tour you will see for yourself just how painless monitoring your network should be. We are confident you are going to like what you see!


See why COBO is out of this world

This short animation shows how COBO can save your business valuable time and money! Our easy to use cloud-based software makes networking simple by providing comprehensive “Out of the Box” network monitoring.

Suffering From Network Blindness?

Cobo’s cloud-based software provides clear network visibly to network operators who previously had little or none. 


questions? we've got answers!

Please tell us whats on your mind, and one of our amazing product consultants will take it from there!

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